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150 Days of Temeraire: A Temeraire Fic & Art Exchange

For All Your Dragon Ficcing Needs!

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Name:Temeraire Fic Fest
Posting Access:Anybody
Community description:A Temeraire Fic Exchange Community
Welcome to a community devoted to the exchange of Temeraire fic and art! Have you ever longed for some Laurence/Granby with a side of awkward courting or some Jane/Tharkay full of linguistic diversity? Perhaps a taste of Iskierka-centric rompings about England setting barns ablaze or Perscitia inventing a time machine?

Because there can never be enough Temeraire fic in the world, and because many people are jonsing for that certain fic, the Fic Exchange was born!

Sign-ups are currently closed. Plans are for a possible 2013 Exchange.

Previous Fic Exchanges: A Summer of Temeraire: Fic and Art Exchange 2010
(A summer of sails, ships, and dragons)


[community profile] dragondome Dragon Dome: Because you can never have too many dragons!

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british stiff upper lip, dragon corps, dragons, granby, guns, harcourt, iskiera, jane, laurence, lily, maximus, men in puffy pants, naomi novik, sailors, ships, swords, temeraire, tharkay
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